Police find missing 5-year-old student safe after placing Price Hill school on lockdown

CINCINNATI -- A 5-year-old student has been found safe after disappearing from a Price Hill school.

Officers said Rees E. Price Academy was placed on lockdown after officials realized the student was missing.

Officials said teachers and police searched all the rooms inside the school while trying to locate the child.

Cincinnati Public Schools public information officer Janet Walsh said the incident was first reported at about 8:40 a.m.

Walsh said the child’s mother dropped off the student at 7:45 a.m. A paraprofessional took the child to breakfast at the cafeteria before class started.

Officials said when the student’s teacher took roll call before class, they realized the student was missing.

The teacher called the office, and the disappearance was reported to police.

Cincinnati police asked that the school go on “modified” lockdown.

Officials said that meant people were free to move inside the school, but that no one could enter or leave the school without police permission.

Walsh said the student was eventually found in a nearby classroom inside the school.

The academy serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade and is located at 1228 Considine Avenue.

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