Pleasant Ridge Chili turns 50

CINCINNATI, Ohio – If Wednesday’s 50th anniversary is any indication, Pleasant Ridge Chili should have no problem serving up Cincinnati’s favorite concoction for another 50 years.

“Today’s been off the chain,” said restaurant owner, Danny Sideris. “We’ve had people lined up out the front door.”

Sideris offered customers $.99 coneys at his east side establishment all day to commemorate three generations of tradition in Cincinnati.

“I’ve been here since I was 5 years old with my dad,” Danny said, amongst the clatter of serving customers at his 6032 Montgomery Road store. “I’ll keep it going. There’s a lot of hard work involved. Today’s a lot of hard work.”

Opened Jan. 15, 1964, the Sideris family opened their Pleasant Ridge parlor, serving the city’s 3-way, 4-way, and 5-ways, along with fries covered in chili and double decker sandwiches.

“A long-time customer asked us to put our homemade roast beef gravy over our crinkle cut fries and top it with the same shredded cheese we use for our chili… everyone loved it… so we put it on the menu,” Sideris said.

Asked what the secret of Pleasant Ridge Chili’s success, Sideris gave a simple reply.

“Tony (Danny’s Dad) always told me, ‘When it comes to the food, don’t change anything,’” Danny said.

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