Runaway dump truck crashes into house, knocks out power

CINCINNATI – Ron Smith couldn’t believe his eyes.

A runaway dump truck smashed into the garage of a house in Pendleton, knocking out utility lines and power Thursday morning.

Smith said no one was driving the truck.

"It was going so fast. I looked up and thought it was going too fast for somebody to be driving it,” said Smith, a detailer at Mr. Bubbles Detail Shop. 

“And all of a sudden I heard the crash down there."

The dump truck wedged into the side of a garage near the intersection of Spring and 13th streets.

Officials couldn’t say how the truck got away from the driver. But they said had he been in the truck, he would have suffered serious injuries - at best.

Fortunately, there were no kids around, Smith noted, and no one was hurt.

"Normally it's some kids out here doing the day camp.  But, today it wasn't. So we was lucky on that," he said.

A woman was inside the century-old home on Spring Street when the crash happened, but she was OK.

Duke Energy reported that more than 1,800 customers lost power in Pendleton and Over-the-Rhine. As of 4:30 p.m., fewer than 100 were still out.

Fire officials took their time examining how the truck was wedged into the garage, to determine the best way to remove it without further damaging the house.

"What we plan on doing is shoring it laterally and vertically so that they can remove the truck and that part of the house will stay intact," said District Fire Chief Tom Lakamp.

In addition, gravel was trucked in to create a ramp to help remove the truck.

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