Drivers can no longer use three side streets off Edwards Road in Oakley

Three Oakley back roads temporarily blocked off to motorists looking for a shortcut for more than a year and a half are now being closed for good.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley discussed Thursday City Council's recent decision to permanently shut down Atlantic, Arbor and Hyde Park avenues to cut-through traffic.

City officials originally limited traffic on the roadways in December 2012 when an increased number of drivers started using the residential roads to avoid heavy congestion on Edwards Road.

Motorists used the back roads as a way to get around the traffic caused by construction at the Rookwood Exchange development project.

City leaders approved the temporary road closure signs at the Edwards Road intersections after listening to concerns from Oakley Community Council and residents regarding traffic congestion and speed.

Brian Ferry of Oakley noticed a difference soon after the signs went up.

"The no outlet sign went up a couple of days after the barricades down at the beginning of the street so people are realizing and learning they can't cut through, so we have seen the traffic cut in half at least not more," Ferry said.

Since then, temporary barricades were in place along the avenues, closing off access to and from Edwards Road.

Some people believe the change isn’t going to pay off in the long.

One search person, Twitter user @ryguy_smallfry, wrote: "(The decision) just means more traffic more angry people and more accidents.”

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