Answers elusive after 2 killed, 1 hurt in Mt. Airy apartment shooting

CINCINNATI -- The clues remain sparse and the answers elusive after two people were shot to death in Mount Airy by armed intruders who forced a woman to let them inside the apartment where the victims were sleeping.

Police were called to a residence in the 2600 block of West North Bend Road at about 1:18 a.m. Saturday after a woman who had been shot jumped out of a second-story window and ran to a nearby home for help.

When investigators arrived at the scene, they found Beyoncia Willis, 24, and Keelin Broach, 31, shot to death in a nearby apartment building.

Broach's family says he was visiting his cousin at an apartment along with Willis, one of his friends. Police say Veronica Blythe’s daughter was also there at the time of the attack.

"When she came in her apartment building, she went upstairs to go into her house and (one of the suspects) was standing there with a gun. And she tried to run back down, but another guy came from the basement door and said, ‘No, we're going back up here,’” Blythe said.

Blythe’s daughter, whose name hasn’t been released, said Broach and Willis were sleeping while that was happening.

“(One of the suspects) had a gun to her (head) and said she (had to) open the door," Blythe said. "She had no choice but to open the door."

Blythe’s daughter was shot in the arm but managed to escape by jumping out of a second-story window.

"When she jumped out the window, she says she heard two more gunshots and she just started running," Blythe said, adding that her daughter ran to a nearby home for help.

"I looked out and I'd seen the police officer's head," said neighbor Doris David. "I looked further and I'd seen tape. I'm like, 'What's going on?' It's hard to see someones' bodies coming out of a building. I mean, honestly, how would you feel if you seen a body coming out of where you live?"

Valerie McKinney, Broach's mother, said she's in "shock" over what happened and wants answers.

"I feel sick because there is no reason why they would have murdered him," she said. "He was over my niece's house. Nothing wrong with being there. So there, I don't know what happened."

"My brother was a very good person,” said Takarera McKinney, Broach’s sister. “He would take his kids to basketball games, always involved. I just can't imagine him not going to be here."

Both Broach and Willis were parents and each leaves behind two children.

No other details have been released at this time.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to call the Criminal Investigation Section at (513) 352-3542 or CRIMESTOPPERS at (513) 352-3040.

Stay with WCPO for updates as they become available.

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