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Every great parent brings back a souvenir from their business trip.

So we wondered what could President Obama take home to Michelle, Malia, and Sasha from his visit to the Queen City Monday.

Topping the list is a baseball cap.

"A Cincinnati Reds baseball cap off top would be something I think the girls would like as well as Michelle or something cute kind of sporty for them to rock," said Inna Smith.

Another popular gift is a flying pig statue.

Some thought the president has enough power to have one of the large statues loaded onto Air Force One.

Also topping our list is a flash mob at a Tri-State school. However, the students weren't the ones getting their groove on.

Students say they were caught off guard when teachers and staff stormed the field during half-time at the Mt. Healthy High School Friday night football game.

"The music started playing and I was like whoa," said student Juancara Martin.

About 120 teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and staff boogied onto the gridiron for a surprise halftime show.

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