Flamenco dancing heats up The Grotto in Mt. Adams

CINCINNATI - Dancers, singers and instrumentalists brought some Spanish spice to Mt. Adams last Friday as Flamenco Louisville performed at The Grotto.

"Flamenco at the Grotto" organizer Nancy Rozzi has a love of Flamenco music and dance. Rozzi decided to share that love by sponsoring the event.

"I just moved to Mt. Adams a few months ago and it was something I wanted to share with my new friends," Rozzi said.

Diana DiNicola is the co-founder of Flamenco Louisville and is also principal dancer in the group.

"Flamenco comes from Spain and more specifically its roots are in Andalucia, which is in the southern portion of Spain," DiNicola said.

Paul Carney is Flamenco Louisville's guitar player. He believes that the level of self-expression the art form provides resonates with people.

"Flamenco is one of these art forms that came up through the people and it was this opportunity for them to express everything they couldn't express in everyday life," Carney said. "I think that is a lot of what still draws people to it."

DiNicola says unlike many other dance forms a mature dancer is revered.

"As a female dancer I'm not expected to be any particular age or any particular body type," said DiNicola. "In fact, you're expected to get better as you get older because you have more to 'say'."

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