Mariemont City Schools kicks off Destination 2026 with retreat


Forty-eight teachers and administrators, and 14 students from Mariemont City Schools recently took part in a two-day retreat to kick off work on Destination 2026:  Tradition, Community & Innovation At Work.

The Destination 2026 initiative will define the district's instructional vision for the future, according to the district website. 

"The student curriculum committee members presented their perspectives on their Mariemont experiences so far, and honestly answered all questions  and provided suggestions... . Teachers from all buildings and grade levels collaborated to create guiding questions in the areas of extended learning, technology, professional development, teaching and learning, and assessments and intervention. These guiding questions will drive the research of Destination 2026 that will lead to the recommendations for each of these areas over the next year," the website states. 

Mariemont City Schools is at 2 Warrior Way.

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