Madisonville gets $2.5 million to revitalize community

CINCINNATI - Business owner Cliff Rah is ready to see change come to Madisonville.

"There's a lot of drugs here, a lot of poor people and I think for this, when they put more improvement for the area, it'll be for everybody, raise more income and be better," Rah said.

Rah owns Madison Mart along Madison Road. He said the area has improved over the years, but he said he believes the $2.5 million in bonds approved by city council's Budget and Finance Committee will do wonders for the business district.

"They said they're going to put over here a Walgreen's and some other project," Rah said.

Rah said a development called Madison Square will be coming to the property across the street from his business. It will help current businesses, bring in new business and make it easier for people to walk or ride their bike to those businesses.

"Bringing in a whole lot of money and business, that would be helping us out here," Madisonville resident Amber Mack said.

Mack hopes the money means jobs. She said they are hard to come by right now.

"I'm interested in cashier positions so I can be social and meet new people and do new things," Mack said.

If Mack could spend the money, she said she would use it to build more family-friendly businesses.

Rah said he is looking ahead into the future.

"Even in construction time, you'll get more people here, more customer for us, by the end it will be a nice area," Rah said.

The city plans on doing the same thing in College Hill, Walnut Hills and Westwood.

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