130 guns, gang suspects being rounded up by joint police task force

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati Police and federal authorities announced that several joint investigations over the last 8 months have helped them take more than 200 guns off city streets.

Law enforcement groups held a news conference Thursday afternoon, as the round-up of suspects, guns and drugs continues throughout Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig says 30 suspects have already been arrested out of the 130 street level criminals have targeted. In addition, 50 pounds of marijuana and an undisclosed amount of cash was also confiscated.

In particular, one target of the investigations has been a Madisonville gang known as 'The Madville Gang.' 13 members of this gang are targets of this gun and drug sweep.

In Price Hill, two brothers are accused of selling guns to known felons in the Tri-State.

"Right now, year to date, and this is effective today. We're sitting on a 29 percent reduction in homicides overall in the City of Cincinnati. That's great news. This is going to make it better because when you look at all these guns. How many other lives have we saved?," said Chief Craig.

Police say the seized guns will be melted for scrap metal. They plan on continue searching for more suspects, even though they are often finding the suspects have moved from addresses they were previously known to frequent.

We'll continue to update this story as the suspect round-up continues.

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