Local man wants everyone to shout 'I Love Cincinnati' this All-Star Weekend

CINCINNATI — What better way to show love for the Queen City than through baseball?

That is, in part, what event photographer Greg Reese thought when he decided to set a goal of getting 4,192 people to record videos of themselves yelling “I love Cincinnati” at All-Star Game festivities.

“I just love the city,” Reese said. "I want people to feel the love at the same time. They seem happy every time I speak with someone about this.”

The All-Star Game 2015 festivities that began Friday and culminate with the actual ballgame Tuesday evening has made Cincinnati's history of being home to the first professional baseball team a focal point this year.

And when Reese decided to get people to share short videos of themselves on his website “I Love Cincinnati Shout,” Facebook, or via social media, he chose the goal number because it to has ties to the city's baseball history as well.

That number, 4,192, is the number Pete Rose's record-breaking hit. He would go on to make 4,256 hits by the end of his career.

“I wanted to do the video and I kept putting it off,” Reese said. “And then I decided what better time to do it than during All-Star week?"

Reese even compiled and shared a short video to help everyone get in the spirit.

This is not the first time the Cincinnati native has set video goals and projects for himself.

In 2009, he won the the Hype Up Cincinnati Bold Fusion contest with a similar concept.

Then he did a series of videos called “The Christmas Shake” where he handed children across the city a present and let them shake it. He taped them as they guessed the package’s content. If they guessed it right, they got to keep it.

The videos became a local hit, receiving some media coverage.

He also did a couple of presidential rap videos during the election campaigning between now President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator John McCain. Reese got a mention on CNN and some attention online for those songs.

“Those were two raps that got about 500,000 hits online,” he said.

In order to reach his current goal, Reese will wander around different parts of Downtown starting Saturday morning, asking people to share their “I Love Cincinnati Yell.”

“My goal is to be on Fountain Square,” he said. "I do want to go down toward Great American Ball Park. I definitely will be down at The Banks.”

To stand out in the sea of fans expected to be at those locations, Reese hopes to be decked out head-to-toe in red clothes. He’ll also be sporting a small video camera and a sign that reads “I Love Cincinnati Yell.”

The sign will offer people who don’t want to be video recorded to at least have a snapshot taken that can be shared on social media. Additionally, Reese is asking people who don’t see him over the weekend to take a video-selfie and share it on social by tagging it with #ilovecincinnatishout.

“I’m hoping social media does it,” Reese said of the hashtag to help him reach his lofty goal.

There is also a place for people to submit their video on his website.

And whether or not he gets the more than 4,000 shout outs for the Queen City he hopes for, Reese plans to keep the “I Love Cincinnati Yell” going after the All-Star Game and weekend is over.

“I just want to get the concept out there,” he said. “I want to share the love.”

And of course, there are a few people Reese would really like to help him share that message if he bumps in to them over the weekend when he is out and about.

The first person Reese said he was able to mark off of his list, even before he went out on Saturday, Mayor John Cranley.

 "Goal number one is accomplished!" Reese said. "The Mayor spoke on camera around 6:30 (Friday)."

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