Kennedy Heights: Good Guys Loitering event held in Kennedy Heights day after homicide


CINCINNATI -- Residents of Kennedy Heights took to the streets Thursday night to let the community hear a simple message: the violence needs to stop.

The group Good Guys Loitering hosted the event a day after the neighborhood endured its most recent homicide.

On Wednesday, Dannon Foreman, 34, was found dead just before 6:30 p.m. in the courtyard of the Ridge Hill Manor apartment complex in the 6200 block of Robison Road. He was shot in the back somewhere inside the building and made his way outside where he eventually collapsed in the grass, according to police.

While it was the neighborhood's first homicide since June , residents say it showed them they need to be more proactive about stopping the violence in their community.

The purpose of the Good Guys Loitering (GGL) approach is to emphasize the following idea: If there are more law-abiding citizens on the streets than there are "bad guys," the the bad guys will stay away.

"Come out of your houses. Stay in your house, nothing gets better,” resident Ruth Anne Wolfe said during the event. Thursday's GGL assembly was one of several such events that have been held in communities like Bond Hill, Avondale, Westwood and Pleasant Ridge in recent years.

In addition to putting more vigilant eyes on the street, the event was intended to inspire future foot patrols that will give neighbors a chance to meet one another, talk and strengthen the overall community bond, according to Wolfe.

“You have to come out of your house and have commitment and an ownership of your street, your block, your community, and that's when other people wandering by say, ‘what are you doing?’ and then you say, ‘hey this is the only way to band together,’" she said.

The Good Guys Loitering event is representative of a community-wide effort in recent months to cut down on violent crime. Non-violence events, an increased police presence and more foot traffic in the neighborhood have been employed to help transform the community. 

Police say the patrols have not only helped cut down on crime but have helped put wanted criminals behind bars.

Anyone with information on any unsolved homicide in Cincinnati is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

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