Homeowner chases burglar from Hyde Park house

CINCINNATI – A Hyde Park homeowner chased a burglar barefoot down the street after his dog's loud barking alerted him.

Lt. Mark Briede with the Cincinnati Police Department said Ken Kirkendall, 18, broke into Robert Shaffer's residence at about 8 a.m. in the 900 block of East Rookwood Drive.

Shaffer said he was in his bedroom when he heard his brown Labrador Retriever, Rocky, barking loudly.

"I came downstairs and a man turned the corner just as I was coming around the stairs and I chased him out with my dog, through my yard, across the street, flagged down a couple of cars while I was chasing him," Shaffer told WCPO reporter Tom McKee. "Had them call 911. And he jumped down a 9-foot wall and I didn't have any shoes on so I could only chase him so far. And then the police arrived and set up a search and eventually caught him."

Briede said Kirkendall was last seen running down Lower Grandin Road when multiple officers arrived at the scene. One officer spotted him on Golden Avenue, just north of Columbia Parkway, off of Delta Avenue.

"(The) subject ran across rush hour traffic on Columbia Parkway without getting hit, which is a feat unto itself," Briede said. "One of our officers chased again. We then moved our quadrant and the officers to that position and we finally cornered him about 3312 Riverside."

Shaffer said he hasn't done a complete inventory of his home but believes he scared Kirkendall before he was able to steal anything.

"People have robbed houses and cars in this neighborhood for a long time," Shaffer said. "So when I saw him, I thought maybe this is a chance to catch this guy or one of these guys that does this from time to time."

Rocky, credited with alerting Shaffer to the burglar, remained with his owner throughout the ordeal.

"He chased him the whole time with me right by my side, barking all the way."

Kirkendall is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Wednesday.


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