Greener Stock offers environmentally friendly products for the home

CINCINNATI - Building green homes doesn't mean you're a hobbit with a homemade out of straw.

It's actually considered hip these days to try to preserve theenvironment through the use of sustainable building materials.

The owner of Greener Stock, architect Heather Curless,celebrated her one year anniversary at her store's ColumbiaTusculum location at 3528 Columbia Parkway.

Curless says her store's mission is to help home and businessowners create more sustainable environments by building awarenessand providing resources.

Curless says green building products benefit people and theplanet.

She says the products help with energy efficiency.

They're made from recycled content, have been sustainablysourced, and or they do not contribute to negative indoor airquality because they're made with non-toxic adhesives orsealers.

Curless says there are even denim products that can be used asinsulation in homes.

The store celebrated its one year anniversary with workshops onweatherization and other sustainable living tips.

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