How is the Tri-State preparing for the weather?

Be prepared!

CINCINNATI -- With areas of the Tri-State expecting three to six inches of snow or more on Friday, different organizations throughout the region are mobilizing to keep the region's residents safe.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for Tri-State communities in effect from 1 a.m. Friday through 1 a.m. Saturday. We can expect sleet, snow and freezing rain.

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The City of Cincinnati said they are committed to keeping the streets as safe as possible in anticipation of the impending weather conditions.

They will have crews working 12-hour shifts, monitoring the streets with 65 to 70 snow trucks ready to go. The city asks drivers to yield to snow plows and to slow down on roadways, even if they don't immediately appear to be slick.

With icy roads, vehicle maintenance and awareness of the area around you will be key to safe driving Friday and into the weekend. Check your air pressure, washer fluid and windshield wipers before heading out on Friday. Wipe off your exterior lights to improve visibility.

On Thursday night, before the brunt of the weather hits the Tri-State, put petroleum jelly around the rubber molds on the inside of your car doors to prevent the doors from freezing shut. 

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) says that the average stopping distance on a dry road going 30 mph is 75 feet. On a wet road, the stopping distance should be 120 feet away from the next stopped vehicle. Going 60 mph on a wet road, stopping distance should be 420 feet.

“The District 6 highway engineers and maintenance workers will continue to do everything they can to keep our roadways safe, but the bottom line is that each driver is responsible for his own safety when he gets behind the wheel. Even with all the safety measures we put into place, we have not yet invented a way to driver-proof a road,” said Nancy Wood, the district's information officer.

Snow and water build up on your brake rotors can make it difficult to slow down. KYTC says to lightly tap on your brakes after each puddle or heavy snow area that you go through to remove excess build up.

KYTC has 30,000 tons of salt and 123 snow trucks available to battle the winter weather.

The Indiana Traffic Department will have ice trucks on the roads Thursday evening, preparing for the incoming weather on Friday.

AAA Motor Club says to keep a few things in your car, in case of an accident or backed up traffic. A fully charged cellphone, an emergency road kit, flashlight with extra batteries, water, a kit with jumper cables and coolant, as well as boots and a shovel.

For those who are planning on taking the Metro on Friday or Saturday, snow detour information will be available on their Twitter and Facebook pages. The detour hotline, 513-632-7538, will be updated continuously from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Duke Energy stated that they have a "detailed storm response plan" and are prepared to respond to severe weather conditions. Snow typically doesn't cause many power problems, but the combination of freezing rain can weaken tree limbs and electrical wires which can impact Duke's power delivery to homes throughout the area.

Duke asks customers to prepare themselves as well by having a supply of flashlights, batteries, bottled water and non-perishable foods.

If you experience outages in your area, call Duke Energy: 1-800-543-5599 or check their website:

If the power does go out, have heating options available. The Tri-State will be experiencing temperatures in the low 30s.

The U.S. Fire Administration says to first make sure that all electrical appliances are turned off, despite the lack of power.

Keep any heater at least three feet away from any other object. The fire administration says to have heaters that have a 'tip switch' in the event that the heater topples over. This 'tip switch' will automatically turn off the heater and prevent a chance for fire.

Refuel heaters outdoors only and do not attempt to use the kitchen range to heat your home. It may be a source of toxic fumes, says the Ohio Department of Commerce.

City Changes

Trash service on Friday may be altered due to weather conditions. Covington's City Trash will start service at 5 a.m. Friday, instead of 6 a.m.

Christmas in Mason, scheduled to take place Friday evening, has been canceled based on safety concerns due to the weather forecast.

As of Thursday evening, we have an inpouring of school cancelations for Friday. To see school closings, click here.

To submit a school closing, click here for information .

Stay with and 9 First Warning meteorologists for weather updates 24-hours a day.

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