Local SPCA responds to deer in downtown Cincinnati

CINCINNATI -- Shortly after a deer ran into downtown Cincinnati's Federal Building Wednesday afternoon, Hamilton County SPCA officials said the deer population is expected to rise during fall months. 

Officials said the fall is mating season for deer, and as the leaves continue to fall from trees, deer tend to migrate toward more populated areas.


The lost and frantic deer ran through the glass of the first level of the building near the lobby at about 1 p.m., causing a lot of commotion among busy downtown pedestrians. 

Alyssa Faller was going to grab dinner at the Skyline on Fourth Street when the incident happened. She said the frightened deer charged at her.

"Everyone was able to move off to side but the only place I had was to lean up against the window at Skyline and it looked at me and decided to charge at me," she said.

Faller credits one man who was part of a small group that had gathered in the area for protecting her from the animal.

"There was a man by the side and once her saw the deer come (at me), he jumped in front of me and pulled his suit jacket and made a huge obstacle and it ran away," she said.

The thankful woman said she wishes she knew the man's name so she could thank him.

Severely injuring its leg, the deer then ran off and was later captured near Great American Ball Park, according to authorities.

Officers then tranquilized the deer. Because of its injuries, it was later euthanized.

Sgt. Scott Bierer of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said deer related car crashes happen more often this time of year.

Statistics released by the Ohio Department of Public Safety for 2012 show the most deer related crashes happened in October and November. In October, there were about 3,000. That number rose to nearly 5,000 in November. In 2012, Hamilton County had 508 incidents. 

Fortunately, there were no injuries Wednesday during the deer's downtown stampede. 

9 On Your Side reporter Amy Wadas contributed to this report.

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