Family shares grief as man sentenced for 2011 homicide

CINCINNATI -- Tears flowed inside a Hamilton County courtroom Tuesday as family members of 27-year-old Carey Barnes told a judge about the impact hIs 2011 murder left on them.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and I pray,” said Crystal Barnes, Carey’s mother.

Barnes was shot and killed trying to protect a mother and three kids inside a Roselawn apartment from a masked gunman, Hamilton County prosecutors said during the sentencing hearing of 21-year-old Daryel Scott.

Scott pleaded guilty to manslaughter and robbery, rather than face a murder charge at trial.

Police identified Scott after receiving a tip that the masked he used was thrown out in a nearby dumpster.

"They went to that location and they found clothing items,” said David Prem, a Hamilton County assistant prosecutor. “And from that mask they were able to get some DNA evidence which they ultimately linked up to this defendant."

Ultimately, the judge sentenced Scott to 18 years in prison for his crime.

Barnes’ family though said they have a lifetime of mourning ahead of them.

“I just hope I have the strength to continue on,” said Christian Clark, Barnes’ brother. “I hope this young man realizes what he’s done. What he took from me.”

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