Two trees fall onto two homes on the same street in East Walnut Hills

CINCINNATI -- Two homeowners of one street in East Walnut Hills have trees on their homes following Tuesday evening's storms, but they're glad none of their family members were harmed.

Joe Bissmeyer lives on Beech Crest Lane, across the street from Deborah Hauger. They're not sure which home was hit by a tree first, but they're ready to have the damage cleaned up.

One tree crashed into Bissmeyer's son's bedroom.

"My wife said it was just like a burst, like a straight-line wind," Bissmeyer said. "It wasn't a tornado, just a straight-line wind just really picked up and all of a sudden, bang. There we go."

The Bissmeyer home, built sometime about 1920, suffered the most damage of the pair.

"There's holes in the roof that you can't see from where you're standing as we speak," Bissmeyer said. "The closet, my son Brendan's closet, there's a massive hole in it."

Steps away, Hauger was inside her home when a tree came crashing down.

“I heard a loud 'boom' and figured it was just a bolt of lightning," Hauger said.

Hauger's home was built in early 1880. Like the homes on Beech Crest Street, the trees are very old, too.

"A little bit later when the fire (fighters) came knocking on the door, they told me I have a catastrophe, and here it is, my catastrophe. But thankfully it doesn't look like it's damaged a whole lot," Hauger said.

Although the fallen trees damaged two homes, both families fell lucky that no family members were hurt.

"That's the most important thing," Bissmeyer said. "Houses and cars and things can be fixed. I feel very fortunate no one was hurt. The kids weren't outside playing or in their rooms or anything."

Crews plan to clean up the trees Wednesday morning.

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