Teen who helped East Price Hill family to safety from house fire says he's at peace, but not a hero

CINCINNATI -- A brave teenager is credited with helping a family escape a home in East Price Hill after it caught fire Monday night, but said he's no hero.

Crews arrived to the home in the 1600 block of Dorothy Lane shortly before 10 p.m., and began a defensive attack. No one was hurt in the fire, but one adult and four children were displaced. Their 16-year-old neighbor helped them out through the back door.

Rhameko Giles ran inside the home after hearing screams from inside.

"All I heard was the kids saying 'our house on fire, our house on fire!'," Giles said.

The teen reacted so quickly that he wore only one shoe when he came to the rescue.

"It was crazy," Giles said. "All my thoughts was going everywhere, so I was trying to multitask and do whatever I can."

He told WCPO reporter Bryce Anslinger that he scrambled, and made sure to help the kids get out, their mother get out, and some of their important belongings out of the fire's reach. He found a small fire extinguisher, but when he tried to use it, Giles found it didn't work.

"I was trying to work the fire extinguisher more, but it wasn't working still, so it pretty much wasn't anything else we could do, and we was just watching," Giles said.

The fire started from burning incense left unattended on a couch, firefighters determined.

The damage estimate was $30,000, and included structural charring, blown out windows, clothing and possessions. But luckily, the fire did not harm to the family, thanks to their quick-thinking neighbor.

"It was spur of the moment, I did what I could to help," Giles said. "I'm at peace with myself."

The house next to the home that caught fire did not appear to be damaged.

WCPO's Jeremy Glover, Mario Ramirez spoke to crews on scene.

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