Who Knew? Coneys come with brewskies at only one Skyline and it happens to be by the ballpark

CINCINNATI - The Tri-State is home to many fascinating facts, offbeat oddities, and "I did not know that" moments. With that in mind, WCPO asks, "Who Knew?"

One of the greatest combinations in food history is chili with an ice-cold beer, so it’s no wonder that Skyline decided to pair the two at its highest volume location, in the bottom of an office tower at Fourth and Sycamore, near Great American Ball Park.

We asked Sarah Sicking, director of communications for Skyline, and Sue Williams, the restaurant’s manager, to tell us about this little-known menu item.

Why did the Fourth and Sycamore Skyline decide to sell beer?
This Skyline store not only attracts office workers during the day, but is in a prime location for Reds fans to visit before or after the game. We decided to obtain a beer and wine permit so pre-game crowds could have chili for dinner and also enjoy some beers without paying premium pricing at the stadium.

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