Pet Pals: Dog Bite Prevention Week

This week on Pet Pals, Bob Howard from the Stray Animal Adoption Program joined us with an adorable puppy that needs a home. Lorelei is an 8-week-old hound/lab/boxer mix… she’s available for adoption now at the Petco in Finneytown!

Howard also talked about "Dog Bite Prevention Week" and has a few tips to make sure everyone stays safe:

1.  Any dog, regardless of breed or age can bite.

2.  When approaching a dog, ask the owner, prior to petting the dog.

3.  Do not pet dogs through fences or crates.

4.  Do not disturb sleeping dogs or those that are eating.

5.  If you feel threatened by a dog, stay calm, do not make eye contact and stand still.

6.  Once you are ready to walk away, do so slowly.  If you turn and run the dog is likely to give chase.


For more information or to adopt this week’s pet pal, call 859-391-1234.


Watch the interview with Sarah Walters in the video player above.


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