Pet Pals: Sweet puppy looking for a good home

This week on Pet Pals, Bob Howard from the Stray Animal Adoption Program with a furry friend that needs a home. Nick is a 7-month-old Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix that currently weighs 55 lbs., but will grow to be a 75 lb. adult pup! He loves people and other dogs. You can find Nick and other adoptable animals at the 5 mile Petco in Anderson Township.

Howard also has some ideas for News Year’s Resolutions for pet owners:

1.  Volunteer - Local animal shelters and rescue groups can always use extra help.

2.  Get your pet to the vet for regular visits/checkups

3.  Update your pet's ID.  

4.  Enjoy more play time and exercise with your pet.

5.  Choose a proper diet for your pet.


To find out more about this week’s pet pal, call 859-391-1234.


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