Pet Pals: Adopt a homeless pet today

CINCINNATI - For this week's Pet Pals, Bob Howard and Deb Schrand joined us from the Stray Animal Adoption Program, or SAAP, with two adorable puppies and German Shepherd that also needs a home.

Bosco and Balto are male 8-week-old St. Bernard mixes, so you know they're going to be BIG dogs!  They have been neutered, are current on vaccinations and have been residing in a foster home. They are both available for adoption and will be at Western Hills PetSmart beginning at 10am.

Schrand brought Brody, a 1-year-old German Shepherd male.  Poor Brody was abandoned at a local shelter and needs a loving, caring home. When they took him into the SAAP program they soon discovered that he had epilepsy. He is now on meds and is seizure free!

Howard also wanted to remind everyone that this weekend is National Adoption Weekend at all PetSmart locations. At Western Hills, there's a large selection of dogs/pups and cats/kittens.

He also talked about how/why people can support their local animal shelters

"1.  The local animal shelters are very humane but they operate on a limited budget, with limited resources and with limited staff.  They are doing the best they can, but could use some help.

2.  SAAP works closely with a number of local shelters.  We "pull" pets from the shelter on a regular basis to help alleviate overcrowding.

3.  I urge you to find ways you can help.  Perhaps by posting available pets on social media sites, or transporting pets from the shelter to partnered rescue organizations, or help with taking better pictures of the animals.  And always, they can use your time.  

4.  Visit a local shelter.  They need support and help ... not criticism and negativity."

For more information on how you can help or to adopt one of our pet pals, call this week's Pet Pals Adoption Line at 859-391-1234 or visit their website at .


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