'Fiscal cliff' prompts local protest at Portman's office

CINCINNATI - Members of Progress Ohio, the AFL-CIO and The Alliance for Retired Americans are marching in front of Senator Rob Portman's downtown Cincinnati office Thursday urging him not to cut money to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.

The group will meet from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

This comes as the focus in Washington shifts from the election to what is being called the "fiscal cliff" on Jan.1.

Unless Congress takes action, US workers will lose the tax credit they have enjoyed in their paychecks for the last two years. In addition to that, ABC news reports the fiscal cliff will also mark the start of across the board cuts to defense and services totaling more than $800 billion next year.

Thursday on ABC World News, Diane Sawyer has the first post-election interview with Speaker John Boehner about this issue.

Other impacts from the fiscal cliff include the expiration of long-term unemployment benefits and a cut in reimbursement to doctors through Medicare, according to ABC News .

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