Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig discusses Newtown, Conn. shooting

CINCINNATI - In light of the tragic events that took place in Newtown, Conn., Police Chief James Craig said the Cincinnati Police Department is prepared to handle a school shooting crisis.

While he has never had to deal with such a crisis in Cincinnati, Craig said he has dealt with mass casualty situations throughout his career. He said his past experiences have helped him prepare his officers to handle worst-case scenarios.

"We have been actively training before this event in terms of active shooter, and we've trained as recent as this past Friday, so I'm very confident in the skill set of our men and women who really run to the danger and not run from it and I'm very confident we'll do a great job," Craig said.

All Cincinnati Public School resource officers are armed in case a school is threatened by a gunman like Sandy Hook Elementary was Friday, Chief Craig said.

Chief Craig said dealing with the deaths of children is not easy on anyone, including police. Counseling is also offered to officers who have to deal with traumatic events like the one in Newtown.

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