Cincinnati Council holds free foreclosure prevention seminar at City Hall

CINCINNATI - Several dozen home owners showed up at Cincinnati City Hall Thursday night in hopes of getting new help to keep their homes.

City Council member P.G. Sittenfeld joined with the community group Working in Neighborhoods to hold a foreclosure prevention seminar at Cincinnati City Hall Thursday night.

The session was called "Save Our Homes: A session on new ways to prevent home foreclosures."

Some home owners did get word from housing officials that several new programs are now available to help struggling home owners. Among them are new programs for military and veteran home owners, those who are seriously underwater with their mortgages along with those who are unemployed or have lost significant portions of their wages.

Officials say many of these new program are either just coming on line now or were not available to help homeowners just two or three months ago.

"Foreclosures continue to be a major problem for our community. If we want to ensure safer, more livable neighborhoods with stronger property values, then we need to make every effort to stop foreclosures before they happen," says Sittenfeld.

The event included representatives from the Ohio Attorney-General's office, Working in Neighborhoods and the Legal Aid Society.

If you weren't able to attend the City Hall seminar, Working in Neighborhoods groups still can help you.

You can go to the Working in Neighborhoods website at http://www.wincincy or or call WIN at (513) 541-4109 or get more details or sign up for individualized assistance.

The seminar comes after a Cincinnati City Council committee approved a new ordinance to make banks and lenders accountable for vacant properties in the city that they have foreclosed. That measure is expected to be approved by the full City Council shortly.

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