Alleged victim, father take stand in former Bengals sex trial

CINCINNATI - The teen who says she had a sexual relationship with former Cincinnati Bengals player, Nate Webster, took the stand Wednesday, as did her father.

Jurors listened as she described her first sexual encounter with Webster and broke down in tears on the stand.

The alleged victim, who is now 18, says the sex started when she agreed to babysit Webster's kids in 2009. She said at first he forced himself on her, but she later consented because she said she grew to love him.

She is the daughter of a Bengals coach. Prosecutors say the events came to light after her mother found her in Webster's car.

Wednesday, the prosecution called both the alleged victim and her father to the stand.

"He was feeling on me on my shirt, on top, underneath and then he was feeling on my vagina and I told him to stop and asking him why he was doing this and he told me that if I told anybody that he would kill my mom and my dad and my grandma," the alleged victim explained.

She then explained their first sexual encounter saying that she was nervous and just laid there.

The alleged victim's father also took the stand. He explained how his family lived in the same neighborhood as Webster. He also said when he learned about the alleged sexual relationship, he asked Webster if it was true. He said Webster declined, but he had a feeling something was going on.

The defense says the incident happened in 2010 when the girl was 16 years old,  which is the age of consent in Ohio.

Webster was indicted on single counts of gross sexual imposition and sexual battery. He faces five counts of unlawful sex with a minor with gun specifications.

Testimony will resume on Thursday. If convicted, Webster faces 36 years in prison.

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