All is fare in love: Bridgetown couple met on Metro bus almost 38 years ago

CINCINNATI -- You never know what can happen on a Metro bus.

For a Bridgetown couple almost 38 years ago, it was meeting the love of their life.

On Valentine’s Day, Captain Rex and Anita Settlemoir shared their love story of meeting on a Metro commute -- and gave some advice for those just starting out.

"We both worked in the downtown area in the mid 1970's and because of parking, it was very convenient to ride the Metro,” said Anita. “Over time, we struck up quite a friendship that turned into a 37-year marriage."

Love blossomed quickly on Rt. 21 from Westwood -- at least for Rex.

"I started talking to her because she was the prettiest girl on the bus," he said.

Metro treated attendees to a vow renewal of Captain Rex and Anita Settlemoir in August. The two met in 1975.

During the ceremony, the Settlemoirs paid their fares and Metro operator Orlando King brought them to Fountain Square on a new Metro Plus bus.

After exiting the bus, the two walked down Fountain Square and petals were strewn. King then led a vow ceremony.

And instead of cake, Rex -- a retired navy captain -- cut a cupcake.

The celebration was part of Metro's 40th anniversary.

Anita said her advice for couples just starting out is simple: Stick through it thick and thin.

"I think you reap rewards if you can stick with a marriage and you can work through problems,” Anita said. “You can reap rewards as time goes by."

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