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St. X High School Teacher, Caroline Keating, 26, hula hoops on Fountain Square as part of 52 week challenge from her family and friends.  Anthony Mirones
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Loacal Woman Hola-hoops on Fountain Square for cause 52 week bucket list

52 card draw

Friends, family create bucket list for teacher

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CINCINNATI - A local woman had family and friends create a bucket list for her. As a high school teacher, she only asked that the challenges be fun and nothing that could get her fired or thrown in jail.

Caroline Keating, 26, has always had a bit of a rivalry between her siblings. She is the middle of five and her brother Joey Keating said they are always trying to out do each other. Their brother Paul requested that Caroline dress in a ballerina outfit and hula hoop continuously at Fountain Square for two hours.

"I was just letting life pass me by," wrote Caroline on her website . "For anyone who knows me, I am a pretty by the book type of person."

Caroline got her inspiration from another website. A woman named Karen sent 52 playing cards to 52 people to get their ideas about what activities she should participate.

Caroline has a complete list, including getting on Great American Ball Park's "Kiss Cam" with the Reds 1st Baseman and National League MVP Joey Votto (just saying,) as well as completing an Iron Man contest, sky diving, volunteering, and eat a jalapeno pepper. Her entire list is available by clicking here .

For 52 weeks, Keating will draw a challenge from a hat. True to form, the educator has a teaching moment, not only for her students, but everyone.

"There's a bunch of things they can do and not get in trouble and still have fun," she panted out while spinning the hula hoop. "Ask your friends for advice."

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