University of Cincinnati opens its doors to record number of students

CINCINNATI - The University of Cincinnati is opening its doors Monday to begin a new school year with new changes, and students will be heading back in record numbers.

This fall brings 43,000 students to campus, 1,000 more students than last year.

“Freshman enrollment is up about seven percent,” said Caroline Miller, Senior Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Management. “Our graduate distant learning programs are up so the folks who have to worry about traffic don’t have to worry about that part because they can be everywhere. That’s a significant piece of our increase as well.”

Miller says long-term retention is another factor for the increase of UC’s student body.

“The year prior to this one we saw 1500 additional students graduate and we think that number is going to be 500 more this year,” Miller said. “So we produce about 10,000 graduates a year.” 

Miller also says majors with the most growth at the campus is in business and engineering.

Todd Duncan, Director of Houseing and Food Services at UC, says the fall school year brings 555 more residential students than last fall.

Duncan says freshman who live on campus have a ten percent higher GPA and an 11 percent higher retention to sophomore year than their peers.

“The key is engagement with the University community,” Duncan said. “You’ve got quick and easy access to the library… creating a sense of belonging.”

Interim Police Chief Jeff Corcoran says they will focus heavily on auto thefts and burglaries with expanded joint patrols with the City of Cincinnati.

“Looking at the last three or four years of crime data, what we are doing now is we are drilling down to actual street blocks,” Corcoran said. “What they call street segments and times of day and days of week where we are seeing the victimization.”

Corcoran says criminals know student influx occurs at the beginning of the school year and with more students brings more risk of crime.

“As we get the influx of students back in the area… the crooks know that too and they know that those students are moving in with televisions and computers and lap tops and in a lot of cases they are leaving those things in their cars overnight,” Corcoran said.

9 On Your Side reporter Mario Ramirez contributed to this report.

Are you heading back to classes at UC today? What are you most excited about this school year? Tell us in the comment box below.

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