UC students react to Coach Butch Jones' resignation

CINCINNATI - Students at the University of Cincinnati were filled with mixed emotions after learning that the school's head football coach, Butch Jones, resigned on Friday, and is headed to the University of Tennessee.

"I never expected it," student Jen Walsh said. "T hey did really well this season so I didn't expect him to leave so quickly."

"That really blindsided all of us, it wasn't something I really expected," student Lesha Dunn said.

Jones is the third head coach to leave the Bearcats over the past 10 years.

"Kind of at the same time if you look at what the University of Cincinnati has done so far with our coaches, this has been a great place for young coaches to come out and get their feet wet," student Ethan McAlpine said.

"The football team should still be proud that they're still in a bowl game," student Zack Sacko said. "We're back to maybe square one."

"They're strong, they'll bounce back eventually, hopefully they can get adjusted really quick," Dunn said.

Sacko feels Jones should have stayed through the end of the season.

"A coach makes a team, but players have to do the purpose and talent to make them good," Sacko said.

What's next for the Cincinnati Bearcats?

"They're really strong, like talking to some of them, I think they're just going to stick together and push through it," Walsh said.

"I don't understand what they're going through but at the same time we've gotta be there for them," McAlpine said. "The most important thing right now is them, not that Butch Jones is leaving. We've gotta hold them together."

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