UC police: Brandon Harris stole tip jar from Hookah Cafe, threatened employee with knife

CINCINNATI -- A 20-year-old man was arrested early Friday after allegedly stealing a tip jar from a hookah lounge in Clifton and threatening an employee with a knife.

The incident happened just after midnight at Hookah Cafe on Calhoun Street, not far from the University of Cincinnati's main campus.

A witness flagged down a UC police officer on Calhoun Street near Ohio Avenue and alerted them to what had taken place. They told the officer the employee was threatened with the weapon after confronting the suspect.

The police department's information officer (PIO) described the altercation as a "minor physical scuffle."

Other UCPD units that were out on patrol spotted the suspect a few minutes later on W. McMillan Avenue and took him into custody. The suspect has been identified by the PIO as Brandon Harris, 20.

No other information is available.

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