UC Muslim students hold street vigil for slain ambassador

Tri-State vigil calls for peace

Muslim students at the University of Cincinnati say they are very pleased with the reaction to their street-side vigil for slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Several dozen Muslim students were joined by Christian students and Clifton residents as they held a "flowers and flags" vigil at the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Clifton Avenue by the UC campus Friday afternoon.

As they waved flags and held signs supporting Ambassador Stevens and the three diplomats killed after an assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, many afternoon motorists honked their horns in support. One driver was even heard shouting, "Thank you for supporting peace…" at the group.

"We're here to show Cincinnati that we are Muslims who don't agree with the violence we see in our home countries. Islam teaches peace and we want people here to know that," said one of the vigil supporters.

The vigil started just after 3 p.m., after Friday Muslim prayers, and continued for almost 90 minutes.

Some of the organizers say they will be meeting over the next few days to see what more they can do to show most American Muslims and their families support the mission that Ambassador Stevens was on in Libya, as that country establishes a democratic government after decades of dictatorship.

Already, the Tri-State Muslim community is talking about a Facebook page originating from Cincinnati that is conducting a campaign to send at least 1,000 letters of condolence to the family of Ambassador Stevens. The website is on Facebook at Facebook.com/celebatemercy . It is open to anyone, of any faith, who wants to send a message to the Stevens family.

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