Towing troubles: Know your rights if your car is towed

CINCINNATI -- Andrea Allen reacted like any parent would when her teenage daughter's car was towed in Clifton: She called the towing company and tried to help her daughter get the car back.

But the tow became more than an inconvenience, she said, when the company refused to release the car to Allen and her daughter, Ally.

The car was registered to Allen's ex-husband, Ally's dad, who is currently serving overseas. Eventually, they got the car back, but Allen thought the situation was handled poorly by the towing company.

"We had the valid documents proving that it was his car, but she's the driver," she said. "It's a frustration that could have been avoided."

In Ohio, drivers are guaranteed some rights when their car is towed. Towing fees can't exceed $90, and if you watch your car being towed -- for parking violations -- you can pay a "drop fee" which is usually half of the towing charge. Towing companies have to let drivers get personal items from the car, and the maximum price for storage is $12 per day.

You can find more information on the law by clicking here.

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