Pipe burst causes flooding at University of Cincinnati's Calhoun Hall

CINCINNATI -- Parts of University of Cincinnati's Calhoun Resident Hall flooded with water Tuesday after a pipe burst in the main lobby area.

UC spokesperson Greg Hand said the burst was caused by cold weather, didn't impact any residents and was contained to the lobby area.

The burst, which is in the process of being fixed and cleaned, was the second water issue UC experienced Tuesday.

University of Cincinnati students living at the Stratford Housing Complex had a very rude awakening early in the morning.

The sprinkler system inside the building watered down student's living area at about 3:30 a.m. Authorities told WCPO's Kendall Herold they believe the cold weather was to blame for setting the system off.

The complex was evacuated after serious flooding and water damage spread throughout the building.

"The carpet is soaked in the hallway and starting to seep into the other rooms," said UC student Cameron Meeks. "Water seeped down to the second floor and the ceiling is starting to cave in the first floor. There are a couple of rooms where water leaked down also."

In total, close to 30 students were relocated to Morgen's Hall on UC's campus and it is unclear how long students will be staying in temporary housing.

Hand said the move may be permanent, and it could take weeks to repair the hall's carpeting, dry wall and other damage.

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