Police investigate two separate Reading Road shootings in Avondale

CINCINNATI -- Two shootings happened Wednesday afternoon in Avondale, along the same street and just minutes apart from each other.

The first shooting took place about 4:30 p.m. near the intersection of Reading Road and Ridgeway Avenue. Responding officers found a woman inside a car who was shot in the shoulder.

According to District 4 Lt. Maris M. Herold, the woman was shot with a 9 mm handgun.

Herold said a shotgun was also used but didn't confirm if the woman was hit by a bullet from the weapon or if shells were found at the scene.

Officers found multiple bullet holes along the vehicle's side.

Shortly after officers responded to the first shooting, a man with a gunshot wound to the leg was discovered further up Reading Road near Greenwood Avenue.

Investigators have not said whether the two shootings are related.

Further information on the victims or the suspects remains unknown.



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