Record rain floods Avondale apartment, forces residents to evacuate

CINCINNATI -- Record overnight rain left an Avondale apartment complex flooded and tenants furious.

Residents at a complex near Reading and Burton roads said they were woken at 4 a.m. when water starting pouring into their apartments.

Eventually the fire department was called out and went door to door to get people out of the building to safety.

“It's flooded. It's water coming from everywhere. This morning it woke me up. It was just pouring down on my head. So, it's just really... It's horrible. The water started from the roof so the roof is actually what needs to be fixed from my understanding. It's just -- it's horrible,” resident Maria Baldwin said.

Baldwin has lived at the building for five years and that while she’s had problems with her unit, the issues have never been to such an extreme.

People were still stuck on a Metro bus at 8 a.m. waiting for assistance hours after being roused out of bed.

The building inspector said of the 25 units at the building, 24 of them occupied --mostly by families with children.

A representative with legal aide has been working with the people who live there for months complaining about disrepair. He got calls from several tenants asking for help after they say they're calls to the landlord went unanswered.

“I think people are in shock and they're very concerned. We know that management is obligated to put them up and we're confident that management will put them up. It's like a natural disaster, except a disaster that could have been avoided by the landlord,” legal aide John Screider said.

The Hamilton County Auditor's site lists PE Burton LLC. as the owners. WCPO’s attempts to make contact with the owner were unsuccessful.

A woman who was identified as a property manager declined to comment but said she was “focusing on her tenants well being.”

No other details have been provided.

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