Center offers "Hope" for cancer patients

CINCINNATI - Dealing with cancer is not an easy thing for anyone. For some patients, getting the best care means traveling away from home and that's where a center in Avondale comes in to help.

The American Cancer Society Musekamp Family "Hope Lodge" is offering hope by providing a home away from home for cancer patients.

Sally Hext is a volunteer there, she is also a breast cancer survivor.

"I was diagnosed in December of 2000, just going along my married way and my life and found a lump myself and then followed up with a mammography," Hext explained.

Hext didn't have a history of breast cancer in her family, so she was shocked to learn of the diagnosis. Her first goal was to reach out for support.

"That is one thing that I did find. The American Cancer Society has a hotline you can just call them and they will let you talk to a survivor and that was one step that I needed to say OK, well there's somebody out there that survives this, I think I can too," she said.

Once Hext conquered cancer, she wanted to give back. So she started volunteering at Hope Lodge for several hours out the week. The support comes in the form of free housing and other services needed to help beat cancer.

"What if you live far out in Adams County and you need to come to Cincinnati for treatment, well you can come here and stay at Hope Lodge and your caregiver for the time that you need to go through treatment," Hext said.

It was that support that helped her heal.

"When you go through cancer and you come out on the other side, and you're lucky to be cancer free you want to give back and you can do that in so many different ways but this just led me to this place, it's a path."

The center is located at 2806 Reading Road and for more information you can call (513) 618-5585.

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