Avondale's Blair Avenue fights back against violence that left 4-year-old boy shot

CINCINNATI - The Blair Avenue area of Avondale mounted a campaign Wednesday evening to fight back against the violence that led to a 4-year-old boy being shot on the street Tuesday night.

Residents are joining together with police, city leaders and community groups to try and take back Blair Avenue and other Avondale streets from criminals.

In the 800 block of Blair Avenue where 4-year-old Khyren Landrum was shot in the hips and legs last night, residents have decided to hold a block party and information to bring the neighborhood together against crime.
The idea is to get the community involved in not only finding suspects in last night's shooting, but also telling drug dealers and other criminals that Blair Avenue is no longer their street.

The rally was getting started with community leaders making speeches and a portable grill starting to cook foot.
Several neighborhood anti-violence groups, are joining the effort to improve Blair Avenue.
Council member Cecil Thomas says police are already questioning a possible suspect in last night's shooting of the boy.
Now, residents are being encouraged to name others who may have been involved in what, some say, was a drive-by shooting last night that put Landrum in the hospital.
Fliers are being handed out along Blair Avenue to encourage residents to come forward with information.

"If you got a beef with somebody else, we aren't going to let you bring it to Blair Avenue. Go somewhere else and leave these people and these children alone. This is not your place to deal drugs or shoot guns. It's just that simple," said Council member Thomas.

The mother of Landrum tells 9 News that her son is doing well Wednesday evening and continuing to recover from his gunshot wounds, under the care of doctors at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
She is hoping to get word tonight or tomorrow that she'll be able to bring her son home from the hospital.

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