3 Cincinnati dynasties rank on Forbes Richest American Families list

Each family worth more than $1 billion

CINCINNATI -- Three of the 185 richest families in America have their roots in Cincinnati. Each Cincinnati dynasty comes in with a value greater than $1 billion according to Forbes' list of America's Richest Families .

The 142nd richest family is the Farmer family , worth  $1.5 billion.

Cintas Corp., founded by Richard T. Farmer as Acme Industrial Laundry Company in 1929, is currently being run by Scott Farmer who became the chief executive in 2003. The Cincinnati based corporation is known for its uniform-rental business used by McDonald's, Royal Caribbean and W Hotels.

The 130th richest family, worth $1.7 billion, is the Lindner family .

Carl H. Lindner Sr.. founded United Dairy Farmers in 1938 with his children Carl Jr., Robert, Richard and Dorothy. The dairy store grew to a 220 store chain with stores in Cincinnati and Columbus. Carl Lindner Jr. moved over from the stores to banking in 1959, where he started American Financial. Lindner added insurance to American Financial in 1971.

Richest family number 34, valued at $7.5 billion, is the E.W. Scripps family with their media empire.

The E.W. Scripps company, owner of WCPO, began with Edward Scripps and Penny Press in 1878. Scripps established a trust in 1922 that took control over the company, and the Scripps family has controlled it since. According to Forbes “The close-knit family, which gets together for meetings at least twice per year, controls two-thirds of the board seats for each company, though it's not involved in day-to-day management. Scripps family members vowed decades ago to avoid divisiveness, for the good of the family and the company.”

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