Arthur's Cafe restaurant: 'Burger madness' spreading to Anderson Township

ANDERSON TWP., Ohio -- Burger madness is going to spread across Hamilton County later this summer.

A manager at Arthur's Cafe said the owners of the popular Hyde Park dining institution plan to open a second location in Anderson Township by the end of the summer. He didn't provide a specific timetable but said it probably won't be until after the beginning of August.

B.J. Hughes, one of three owners of Arthur's, said they're just looking to "continue what they know" with the new eatery.

"We all love Arthur's and we know the community loves Arthur's, so with the new place we just want to continue doing what we know and what we do best," said Hughes, who co-purchased the original restaurant in 1998.

All three of the owners currently live in the Anderson Township area but Hughes said they only decided to open up a place out there after driving around and seeing what he described as "a lot of national chain restaurants."

"You drive up in those areas and you so long stretch of chain restaurants. We thought it was time to fill a need for a local, independently owned restaurant," said Hughes, who attended the University of Cincinnati along with fellow owner Joe Santorelli. The third owner, Susan Selzer, earned degrees from both Miami and Xavier, Hughes said.

The location at 8221 Beechmont Ave. will feature a similar menu to the current site, including the ever-popular create-your-own half-pound burger promotion known as "burger madness," according to general manager Chris Goodin. It runs Sunday through Tuesday.

Much like the Hyde Park Square site, which opened in 1947, the new eatery aims to serve clients looking for a neighborhood bar as well as those who want a more traditional sit-down dining experience.

"The owners want it to have a neighborhood feel. They want it to be a place you can go to hang out with your buddies or have a nice meal with your family," Goodin said. "Arthur's is going to a fixture in the community."

The Anderson Township space will be slightly more spacious inside, but it won't have a patio -- at least not right away, Goodin said.

But like its Hyde Park counterpart, the Anderson Township facility will feature a version of the iconic Arthur's mural that features caricatures of some of their favorite regulars. Because they want it to be Anderson Township-centric, don't expect to see it right away.

"The mural at the new place will be a little smaller and won't feature the same caricatures as the Hyde Park location," Goodin said. "We want this one to honor the people, the faces who frequent us regularly, so of course we're going to have to develop a following in the community before that mural can really start to take shape."

While details about hiring haven't been released, Goodin said he expects the hiring process to begin by early August. He said the eatery plans to hire at least 50 people to fill various positions.

The restaurant is expected to make announcements on Facebook over the next few weeks. Updates about the progress of the facility will also be made there.

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