Future of the Banks not so bright?

CINCINNATI -- A restaurant at the Banks was recently told to vacate because they couldn't pay the rent, and others face the same financial fret.

Holy Grail seemed to be the only crowded spot Friday, next to a quiet Toby Keith's and Johnny Rocket's.

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Is business not booming enough for tenants of Cincinnati's new hot spot Mecca to stay alive? Banks spokeswoman Libby Korosec tries to stay positive.

"We designed the Banks so that it would grow and evolve with the market," she said. "So we're going to find the market's going to continue to help define the Banks."

Holy Grail owner Jim Moehring said business has been great, at least for his eatery.

"If you're doing really well, they're going to try to knock you off," he said. "Everybody's going to have issues, and unfortunately, sometimes, people just don't make it."

Mayor Cranley is well aware of the situation.

"The entertainment district, the restaurant district is going to have a lot of changes over time," he said.

If you ask Korosec, there's hope for the Banks.

"The Banks is in its infancy," she said. "We have maybe less than a quarter of the Banks built so far."


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