Fundraiser held in Indianapolis for Loveland teen struck by lightning at summer camp

INDIANAPOLIS - This Sunday's lunch at the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation offered good food, and the chance to help out a good cause.

In June, two 9-year-olds and 13-year-old Ethan Kadish from Loveland, Ohio were struck by lightning at an Indianapolis summer camp.

"I was getting ready to play softball and got a call on my walkie-talkie that we had three unresponsive campers on the softball field," remembered Joe Slade, from the Goldman Union Camp Institute.

The younger children recovered, but Kadish's injuries were more severe.

Kadish spent several days at Riley Hospital for Children before being airlifted to a Cincinnati hospital, where he's remained since that day.

Family friends say his medical expenses are astronomical, and will only grow because of nursing care and the changes the family needs to make to their home to take care of their son.

News of Kadish's injuries and medical care has traveled worldwide, and people are donating at fundraisers to take care of a teenager who most don't even know. The lunch Sunday was one of those fundraisers.

"There's a Jewish expression which means that when you're part of the Jewish community, you feel responsible for one another, and Ethan is part of our family even if we're not in the same city," said Rabbi Brett Krichiver of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. "So it's important to us to find every way to be supportive."

Doctors say Kadish will be ready to go home any day, but will still require round-the-clock medical care. Since the accident he's been undergoing extensive therapy after the lightning stopped blood and oxygen flow to his brain.

For more information about Kadish, or to donate toward his medical expenses, visit .

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