3 teens, 1 adult charged after dozens of homes, cars vandalized in Hamilton

HAMILTON, Ohio -- Dozens of homes and cars in Hamilton were struck with rocks and cinder blocks and Hamilton police officers arrested three teens and one adult in connection to the crimes.

The vandalism acts happened Monday night between 8:30 and 11 p.m., according to Journal-News . Police arrested the suspects at about 12 a.m. along Hyde Park Avenue.

Police told 9 On Your Side's Natasha Williams the suspects went on a vandalism spree, causing residents in the area to run for cover and lose sleep.

A woman who wished to remain anonymous said, "all of a sudden I heard a loud boom."

That boom was a rock that shot through her home's window just inches from where she and her family were sleeping.

"It came through so hard and fast, if it hit one of the kids it would have killed them," the woman said.

Jeffrey Scott Hamel Jr., 18, of Mason, is facing 12 counts of criminal damaging. Journal-News said Hamel was driving a 2003 silver Honda Civic while three juvenile passengers threw the rocks and cinder blocks from the car.

Of the three teens, one faces drug charges and vandalism and the other two were charged with vandalism and curfew violation.

Hamilton Police Sgt. Ed Buns told Journal-News that hundreds of dollars in damages were caused by the suspects.

“In auto insurance, if you have comprehensive coverage there is no deductible on a criminal act. So we’re all paying for that because insurance companies are going to look at claims and then adjust everyone’s rates as there is more crime,” Buns said.

The damages include smashed windows, holes in walls and broken car windows, according to Journal-News.

This isn't the first time vandals have hit nearby. In June, 20 cars were painted in Hamilton County , sending detectives on a search for those responsible. Buns said of that case that the victims were shocked and wanted justice.

"They have no respect for other people's property," said Buns. "They think it's funny. They think it's cute. They think it's a game."


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