Flying Pig Marathon: Sergio Reyes wins fourth time, third straight

Local runners win women's marathon, half marathons

CINCINNATI – Sergio Reyes of California ran to his fourth victory - and third straight - in the Flying Pig Marathon Sunday, but local runners won the other three races.


> Amy Robillard, 34, a mother of two from Montgomery, won the women's marathon.

> Juliana Madzia, 19, a UC student from St. Clairsville, Ohio, and Tilahun Abebe, 35, of Westwood, won the half marathons.

Madzia said she and about 50 others took a wrong turn and had to run an extra half mile or so.

Local runners also finished second in three of the four races.

Donnie Warner, 30, of Cincinnati caught up to Reyes at 22 miles, but Reyes quickly pulled away.

Reyes, 32, of Palmdale, Calif., had a time of 2:27:21 - 5 1/2 seconds slower than last year.

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"I just had to play conservative. I felt like some previous injuries might have been tugging a little here and there," said Reyes, who also won in 2006.

"I just didn't want to go to hard too soon because that can wear on you over 26 miles."

Warner, who was fourth in the 2010 Pig marathon, said he was excited about his finish (2:28:39), but more so about his friends'.

"I had a lot of friends running today and I'm really more excited for them," he said. "But it feels great to do well in your hometown."

Robillard broke her leg last fall. She was running her first Pig marathon after winning the women's half marathon the past two years.

“It was unbelievable," Robillard said. “Running with people, you pull for them, they pull for you, everyone wants to have a great race. I just have fun. I smile a lot out there, because we’ve been through a lot in the last four years, so this is a pleasure.”

Robillard’s son, Jameson, was born four years ago with an immune deficiency disorder and underwent a bone marrow transplant at Children's Hospital.

"God was really looking out for us. I was four months pregnant when we moved from Denver," said Robillard.

"It couldn't have worked out any better," she said, thanking Children's for their care..

Jameson is doing well along with his older sister, Adalene, 6, Robillard said.

“When I think I’m tired and hurting, it’s nothing compared to what my son went through, so I can’t complain. I just want to be a good role model for them,” she said.

Robillard won by almost 16 seconds with a time of 2:55:53.

The 2004 women's winner, P. J. Ball, 35, of Cincinnati, finished second in 3:01.45. She finished third last year. Kerry Lee, 39, of Cincinnati, runner-up in the 2013 and 2011 Pig marathons, was third in 3:02:49.

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Madzia, 19, said she couldn't fathom how she would do in her first 13.1-mile half marathon.

"I've never done more than a 6k before this, so I really had no idea, but it turned out better than I imagined,"  Madzia said afer finishing in 1:25:59.

The 2012 marathon winner, 32-year-old Rachel Bea of Cincinnati, took second in 1:26:28.

Several runners strayed off course when one of the leaders took a wrong turn, race director Iris Simpson Bush said.

Bush apologized and said officials would make sure that didn't happen again next year.

Abebe won the men's half for the second time with a time of 1:14.46. He also won in 2006, took second in the 2010 marathon and was runner-up in last year’s 10K, Greg Piepmeier, 26, of Kettering, Ohio, was second in 1:21:09.

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Almost 20,000 runners and walkers participated Sunday, representing all 50 states and 19 countries.

The 2014 Pig set a record with 36,131 total participants in the weekend's events, beating the 2013 number of 34,412, officials said. The breakdown:


> Full Marathon:  4,731 (2013: 4,920)
> Half Marathon: 12,422 (2013: 12,129)
> Corporate 4-Person Relay: 2,732 (2013: 2,360)


> 10K: 4,103 (2013: 3,740)
> Running Company 5K: 5,631 (2013: 5,441)
> Kids Marathon (one mile):  3,905  (2013: 4,478)
> Pigabilities: 171 (2013: 170)
> Piglet Fun Run:  572 (2013: 650)
> Flying Fur Dog Walk/Run: 596 (2013: N/A)


> Mile: 1,268 (2013: 524)

The marathon brought out an estimated 150,000 spectators. Another 6,000 volunteers helped stage the race.

WCPO's Zac Pitts contributed to this report.


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