First lady Michelle Obama visits Cincinnati on 1st day of early voting in Ohio

CINCINNATI - First lady Michelle Obama told thousands of supporters in downtown Cincinnati that the November presidential election will be even closer than the one four years ago and that every single vote counts.

"You all seem pretty fired up and ready to go," said Obama.

Speaking at the Duke Energy Convention Center on the first day of early voting in the key swing state on Tuesday, Obama reminded the crowd that her husband won Ohio four years ago with just 262,000 votes.

She says that breaks down to 24 votes per precinct and urged them to get to the polls.

"It's going to take a lot longer than four years rebuild an economy from the brink of collapse," said Obama.

The crowd of more than 6,800 roared with excitement throughout Obama's speech, waving American flags and chanting, "Fired up! Ready to vote!" and "Four more years!"

"Are we going to turn around and go back to the same policies that got us into that hole in the first place, are we going to sit back and watch everything that we fought for and worked for to just slip away, or are we going to keep this country moving forward," said Obama.

Outside the Duke Energy Center excitement was high.

"I want to vote right now because it is so important that they opened the polls early so that we can be able to voice our opinions early. Yes sir, and after I voice my opinion I plan on rallying others to come and voice theirs," said Janel Williams of Western Hills.

After the rally a drumline and a few Obama supporters marched down to the Board of Elections on Broadway.

Organizers were hoping that they could bring a large contingent of people to vote early but only a handful voted immediately after the rally.

In 2008 30% of the votes in Ohio were cast early. Analysts expect that number to be on par with four years ago.

No candidate has won without Ohio's electoral votes since John F. Kennedy in 1960.

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