FACES with Emily Maxwell: Chico Lockhart, social service outreach specialist

CINCINNATI --  Every week Chico Lockhart spends his time combing the streets of downtown Cincinnati checking on the city's homeless population.

The 40-year-old Florence, Ky. resident has worked as a social service outreach specialist with Downtown Cincinnati Inc. for the past six years. His job entails walking several miles each day checking under bridges, side streets and doorways, looking to help those in need.

Lockhart also serves as the point person for downtown business owners. When they have a difficult experience with a persistent panhandler or a displaced individual disrupting their business, Lockhart is called by radio to the scene.

For Lockhart, working with the homeless means more than moving them out of sight. He engages nearly every homeless person he comes across — even those who don't want help — to hear their story and help them find the appropriate resources.

Some days are easier than others, but Lockhart's passion to help people off the streets and into a new life keeps him driven. Over the years he's helped place more than 200 people in permanent housing.

Listen to Lockhart's story in his own words, above.

Chico Lockhart is the subject of WCPO's next installment of "FACES with Emily Maxwell." This series uses photos, audio and video to tell the stories of everyday people in the Greater Cincinnati area. Watch the video in the media player above.

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