Elmwood residents still outraged over speed trap

CINCINNATI - People trying to contest their speeding tickets in Elmwood place are hitting a brick wall Friday.

When you go to the town hall there's a sign on the door that says we can't help you go to the police station. But when people go to the police station there's a sign on the door that they can't help you either and to call a phone number.

This all comes as a private company started sending drivers $105 tickets in the mail on behalf of Elmwood Place.
The situation has many caught up in the speeding ticket trap crying foul.

People trying to contest the citation say Elmwood Place doesn't have anything set up to handle their complaints.

"We came to city hall to ask questions we went to the police station to ask questions and both of them have signs on their door saying they can't answer our questions. I'm especially curious why I have to send my money or my court hearing appointment to Cleveland since I live down there," said Elmwood resident and University of Cincinnati student Danielle Rains.

Some people are so angry they are planning to file a class action lawsuit against Elmwood Place.

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