E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.: Environmental cleanup at Peters Cartridge Co. will begin by Sept. 1

KINGS MILLS, Ohio - Plans to rejuvenate the old Peters Cartridge Co. factory on the banks of the Little Miami River largely depend on a long-delayed $5 million environmental cleanup of toxins such as lead and mercury from the soil and groundwater.

The E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co. of Wilmington, Del., has promised to scrub the Grandin Road site in an operation that DuPont says will begin by Sept. 1.

A successful cleanup would pave the way for two Cincinnati developers to convert the empty munitions plant into 100 loft apartments plus artist spaces and commercial businesses.

The potential buyer of the 14-acre property is Bloomfield/Schon, the Walnut Hills concern that has redeveloped several old Cincinnati factories, including the American Can Co. in Northside and the Ford Motor Co. plant in Walnut Hills, into gleaming design statements that combine the charm of a legacy structure with modern amenities.

Company principal Ken Schon said the Peters Cartridge Co. site presents the biggest challenge ever to the developers.

“All the other work we’ve done in our entire career has made this one possible,” he said. “It’ll bring all of our experience to bear.”

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