Local reaction: California mom offered $86k to move autistic son

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CINCINNATI -- Parenting a child with autism can be challenging. But there are resources and places you can turn to for help.

The Federal Department of Education requires public school districts to provide free "appropriate public education" to students with disabilities until they age out of the system.
But what happens if your child is turned away from school?  

A California mother is dealing with her 21-year-old autistic and diabetic son, David, being turned away from a public school on his first day. The district, in Yuba City, is offering a settlement of $86,000 if they move him to a private school and drop all complaints against the district.

In California David is eligible to attend public school until he turns 22, just like in Ohio.

Krista Bastin started Stonekry Resale Books in Anderson Township to raise money for autism.

We asked Krista how she would react if they stopped her 13-year-old, autistic stepson, Kaleb, from coming to school.

"I would rather them not have my son, quite honestly i wouldn't want him to have to go that school and who knows how they would treat him during the day, that's my protective how i would feel about it," Bastin said.

Kaleb is in the Forest Hills School District.

"We could not be more thankful he moved into this school system at second grade, never been introduced to math, never been introduced to reading and he just jumped right in and it's exactly what he needed," said Bastin.

Krista, like most parents, is always trying to learn more so she can provide the best care for Kaleb, and she knows how it feels to stand up for him.

"Now that he's 13, he's tall, he's bigger and he's almost a man and people see that and they see him act a certain way and you don't mean to be on the defense but you're on the defense for him," Bastin said.

Krista is always looking for volunteers for the store. There's also an autism support group the first Thursday of every month at Stonekry Resale Books.


You can find out more information about Stonekry at the following link:/www.stonekry.org

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